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We are starting another round of our seasonal fermentation-themed CSA*. Twice a month, you will receive 2 fermented foods & beverages - some that are familiar and some wildly creative, chock full of locally grown bacteria (AKA probiotics!). Each share includes one bottle of Kombucha (32oz) and 1  jar (16oz) of veggie ferments or condiments. Some popular items include kimchi, fermented hot sauce, sauerkraut, miso and mustard. 90% of the ingredients for the ferments in your share are sourced directly from local farmers namely Mellowfields Organic Farm.


It's a bi-weekly pickup or delivery (twice a month). The membership fee is $28/month. CSA will run from November 2021 through April 2022 with the option of signing up for Session 1 (Nov-Jan) and/or Session 2 (Feb-April). Pickups and delivery are available in Lawrence, Topeka & Kansas City.

Enrollment runs until shares are filled.

*CSA stands for 'community supported agriculture' a new model of monthly vegetable pick up where the consumer purchases directly from the farmer. In our case, our CSA will be a monthly fermented food pick up directly from the producers! We partner with local farmers to use locally grown produce, honey, dairy and flour in our ferments as much as possible.

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